• Kahlil001x

    eve po ate, ummm ganyan pala pag sched ng goal kada pages .. hehehe well, goodluck po sa graphic novel ..  .sana mpublish agad at umani ng maganda .. ~_~

    • Thanks, Eve!!! Kakaloka no? Gonna be insane for the next few months pa but I don’t think I’d have it another way. XD

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I think this year is gonna get pretty insane for me. XD Im gonna try and work on 2 comics at the same time from February to June! Ive always wanted to try alternating comics weekly =3
     And i really love that advice from Jerry Seinfeld! I think i may try that out next year =3
    By the way, I cant wait to see your finished book! ;3

    • Scotty, you are on FIRE~! Seriously, I really admire your ability to churn out so much comic pages! 😀 Keep rockin’ it! 

  • Ron

    Wow, I really love the Seinfeld example. I think I’m gonna try it out! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! It’s a great and visual way of maintaining momentum on a project. Good psychological trick. Best of luck on your project, Ron! 

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