Commission Status: Open for short term illustrations

I primarily work in an anime/manga-influenced style but I can also do caricatures, Disney-style and non-anime drawings

Commission Queue

This is where you can check the status of your order if I’m currently working one more than one commission. I will be updating this section as often as possible.



Sample commissions:

General Price Guidelines

These prices are fixed but I’m open to negotiations if you are ordering several commissions or thinking of bumping up levels (from black/white to color). This also means that your total price depends on the complexity of your project, in which case: the more complicated, the pricier it’s going to be. Prints may also be available for your orders.

This is a drawing of your character. Backgrounds will be charged extra. Additional characters will also be charged extra. Discounts for multiple commissions available.

COMIC – $150
This is a customized comic upon provision of references and storyline. Color covers, extra content are extra. Discounts for more pages available.
**Please check my availability since this is considered a long-term project.

Loyalty Rewards

If you’ve commissioned me before, I’m willing to reduce your price by a certain amount! Send me an email and we’ll work something out! : )

Artwork Guidelines
For now, I’m open to many subjects/themes. As long as this is not pornography, gore or hate propaganda, I’m willing to work with you. I’m not too strong in the mecha department either, but you know, take a look at my gallery and commission me at your own risk, ok?


1.) Send an e-mail to[at] with the subject title “Art Commission.”

    • Provide a clear description of what you’d like done.
    • Remember to say if you want a character or comic, sketched or inked, headshots or full figure, etc.
    • Be as detailed as you can. If you can provide a link or attachment to a picture reference, do so.
    • If you need your picture by a certain date, please contact me at least one month ahead.

2.) Method of Payment

    • Paypal.
    • Cash or personal checks mailed to me are at your own risk. I can do business with you offline if I know you personally or are within my general vicinity.

3.) I’ll come up with a price.

    • Prices are in U.S. dollars.
    • You can negotiate the price with me if you have issues with it.

4.) Once I receive payment, I can get started on the commission or put you in the queue above.

5.) I’ll send you a rough sketch via e-mail and you can tell me if there’s anything that needs to be changed.

6.) When I’m finished, I’ll send you a high-res version of the picture and you can consider getting a printed hard copy for you to display.

I retain the rights to all my artwork. You may do what you wish with the art you commissioned. For example, you can use it as a graphic for your website layout, avatar, icons, wallpaper etc. You can even post the comic on your site as long as you give me credit for the artwork. Please do not resell it as a print or claim it as your own work because that would be considered STEALING.


Paula P.

Laurianne is a joy to work with! In addition to being incredibly talented and a wonderful artist, she is also punctual and a great listener. She did the work I asked for faster than I thought possible and it came out great. She took the notes I had and applied them perfectly. I will definitely go to her for future designs. I truly can’t say enough good things!


Definitely one of the best artists, or freelancers in general, I have had the pleasure of working with. The work was completed ahead of schedule, competitively priced, and outstanding in quality. I was regularly updated with work in progress at every stage of design. Laurianne was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with, conducting herself in a manner that is both personable and professional.

A Crenshaw

I was extremely pleased with this provider’s services! I gave her what felt like a vague design explanation in the hopes that she would be able to read between the lines and see what I wanted but couldn’t quite put into words… and she OVER-DELIVERED in a way I haven’t seen a provider do in a long time! When I need graphics work in the future, I will absolutely be coming back to her. Superior quality, fast work, and exceptional talent!


My very first artist that I commissioned for some drawings. Laur impressed me with her first draft. She is very professional and efficient throughout the project. I am lucky to have found her!

M Braynard

A first-rate artist who can deliver what is asked for on time. A VERY rare combination.

K Stoltz

Laur Uy is by far the best artist I have ever worked with. Her deducting skills from what information you gave her will make you think like she read your mind. I’ve gone through many artists and she was competent, nice, talented, and nothing less than a prodigy.

G Holder

Wonderful artist and very talented! Captured everything I wanted!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!

S Porubcansky, hired me as an Illustrator in 2010

Laur’s perfectly captured a moment in time for me. I so enjoy her illustration. She has a talent and insight that works well with her craft.


As promised this lovely person mailed out the drawing and it came in perfect condition. I love her work and I especially LOVE  <3<3<3 the sketch she did for me, it was everything I wanted and more! She is insanely quick in drawing and I’m still shocked at how fast she works.

M Gilmore

Laur is an amazing artist. I commissioned her for portraits of my daughter and god-daughter. She worked off of two wallet sized pictures and did an incredible job! She was very professional and her turn around time was superb. I would love to have Laur do more portraits for me and highly recommend her. She is able to capture the true essence of someone.

Venus De Coy

Laur’s artwork is incredibly superior work. Not only did she do what I had asked for the photo, but she was able to give me prices within reason concerning my information. Professional, kind and respectful from beginning to end.

Images are Copyright © Laurianne Uy unless otherwise noted