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    I think the Internet has really changed the face of manga for better and for worse. I did share some thoughts-about-manga about how the Internet has affected my view about manga at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/16470167806/internet-changing-thoughts-about-manga

    Self-publishing should be the way to go. As much as I love Bakuman’s portrayal of the manga publishing business, I wonder if it has frightened some artists wanting to be mangaka.

    • Hi Tony! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading your blog posts. Your site seems to be down for me at the moment but I’ll definitely check out your post when I can.

      Haha, I think artists easily scared off by the challenges presented in Bakuman are probably better off in professions that are not as unforgiving and continue enjoying art on the side. XD I honestly used to think I was one of them until recently. I think artists need to have more well-rounded skills (beyond their own craft) to succeed now and I’m hoping we can make a name for ourselves outside of the traditional publishers’ spotlight.

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        It’s down? That’s why I hate Tumblr sometimes. >___<

        I guess getting into art is as bad as getting into journalism these days. I hear stories about how some journalists can't evolve just being a journalist and it's disheartening. 

        • I think it’s just down for me for some reason. 🙁

          Ohhh man, my heart goes out to journalists. I just saw Page One on Netflix (http://youtu.be/rwTMFXgf95c) and know they’re in kind of a similar bad situation.

          • Anonymous

            I know one journalist who has made something of herself at least. All I can say is be helpful towards others in many ways. 

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