• I lived on the Gulf Coast of MS, the hurricanes didn’t bother me. I lived in Japan for 4 years, the earthquakes (and blizzards) didn’t bother me. Now I live in North Texas, near the border of OK, and I’m scared witless of the tornadoes. The extreme heat (stuuupid drooought) and the tornadoes are pretty much the reason I’ll be glad to leave this place. 🙁

    • There’s nothing else like it, is there? In the Philippines, we had some pretty bad typhoons (which are like hurricanes, I guess) and they were pretty devastating in rural areas where houses near overused forests were poorly constructed. 

      But man, I have no idea what to do with tornados. 

      • It’s what they tell you to do that irks me. Find a place away from windows, in the middle-ish of your home, cover yourself with stuff (blankets, pillows, mattress, etc) and put your hands over your head and wait. Oh yeah, and pray it doesn’t hit you. That’s about it.

        I’ve SEEN what tornadoes do to houses. Putting a mattress over your head and staying away from the windows isn’t gonna do you any good if your house is pulled apart from the seems. GAH!

        *breaths deeply* Think happy thoughts.. happy thoughts….

        I like your latest pages. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

        • Ohmygods, that sounds awful. I’d feel so helpless! D: 

          Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support lately.  They are incredibly appreciated especially on such busy days like this one. <3

  • Christy Lijewski

    The tornadoes have been crazy bad back home in the States, I’m glad I no longer live in ATL, the quakes here are so much easier on my heart. Even tho “the big one” is supposed to hit Tokyo in the next few years, just in time for me 🙁

    • How tall is your building? Aren’t modern ones supposed to be fairly quake-resistant now? (The rocking foundation, right?) And since it’s Japan, I’m pretty sure they’ve given the design some major thought. (crosses fingers anyway) 

      So many new anxieties for this move. It’s my first time migrating to a different climate and I don’t know what I’m going to deal with for the next three years. 

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