• Scottystudios

    Hi There! My Names Scotty, I remember you from the yen press talent search! And I read that you might be attending TCAF someday in the future! Well, if your interested, im gonna try and attend TCAF 2013 myself and if youd like to share a hotel room to ease the cost for that at least (ive heard other big artists do this for a-kon and such lol XDD)
    Just a possible suggestion if your interested k! ^w^

    • Hi Scotty! I rememember you, too! And 2013 sounds great. I’m working on my book this year and I think May ’12 is cutting it a little close. (Not sure if it’ll get out by then.) Hopefully, that’s also enough time for me to save up for that trip. I’m so glad you decided to ask me. : ) Thanks!

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