• Afton

    These are great stats to see! CONGRATS GIRLY!

    • Thanks, Afton! 🙂

  • Lianne Sentar

    Great run-down. Selling through a 500-copy print run of your first self-published book (in about a year) isn’t bad!

    Yeah, I think the hardest thing about self-publishing is all the non-creation parts. You have to be manager, editor, printer, marketer, web admin. You can end up spending more time managing the project than actually creating it, which sucks, because creating it on your own (especially with no paid editor/company to support you) is already incredibly time-consuming and emotionally draining. The whole thing kinda feels like a slow death if you’re struggling to find an audience. On the other hand: self-publishing gives you more freedom and more profits, if you end up being successful. Pros and cons.

    I think this will be immensely informative to people who want to self-publish a book. Beware, guys! It’s tough, expensive, time-consuming. But if you’re LaurUy, you power through it and make something great. 🙂

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