• Just in case you didn’t get my DM on twitter or chose to ignore it, I’m going to repost and expound here bec. I think this is really REALLY important.

    I think you to check with lawyer or someone pro about publishing under a different name besides from your own. I don’t know what how-to-self publish book you’re reading or even if this little fact applies to self publishing at all, but last I checked if you aren’t using your name to transact, then you’re technically making a new biz entity– which means legal paperwork and registration and taxes and bank accounts etc. Does that make sense to you? Like if you use Mumo Press to publish, then you need to set up Mumo Press as a viable biz entity, bec last I checked, it’s ILLEGAL anywhere to create and formally transact through an
    identity w/o paperwork to back said identity up unless that identity is you using your name, Laur
    Uy. By this argument, you can’t even use Laurbits even if that’s the name of your website. In fact, if I’m right, then when you were looking for printers, you should’ve been using Mumo Press from the get go (for taxes sake)

    It’s like saying — Polterguys by Laur Uy published by YenPress/ TokyoPop/ Image/ whatever. Now switch the TokyoPop to Mumo Press. See where I’m going here?  

    I really think you need to check w/ a legal professional on
    this or ask one of your other buds who have self published before if they published under their name or created their own whatever… Because putting stuff up in the interwebs and earning money through page ads is one thing, actually transacting and exchanging physical goods for cashy money is another.

    Dude, I’m super serious. If you’re hell bent to use Mumo Press, in my opinion, you can get into lots of trouble if the legalities of what you’re doing isn’t addressed. I could be wrong– maybe it doesn’t work that way in self publishing, maybe there are industries that don’t require or different state laws… I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer and biz school didn’t go into the laws regarding every single industry in the planet. Just be sure and cover your bases, you know what I mean.

    Also, what is a Mumo?

    <3 B

    • Will do. Yes, I have been using Mumo Press as I’ve been talking to the printers and I’m registered under MP at ISBN. I am just waiting for the move to  Michigan and my new address there before finishing up registration as a business entity. Completing the whole thing here in California seems unnecessary if I have to change everything in three months.Will be talking to small business tax advisors/getting an accountant there where their rates are probably not as high as in CA. 

      Thanks very much, B. I appreciate your say in this.  

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