• I’m really drawn to the energy in varient B! The other ones seem very solid and kind of.. standard, compositionally speaking.

  • RoxyPolk

    I like the energy in the C concept a lot and the way the characters are interacting and spatially overlapping. With A the kid is making a strange juxtaposition with Bree and so he looks small instead of being in the distance, then again that could just be the sketchiness of it. also B has some good negative space going on with the figures and I like that the kid is a full figure and not cut off like in all the other compositions, it gives him more of a sense that he’s flying because he’s a ghost too 🙂

    Personally though, since this is kind of a ‘harem’ series I feel like showing more of the dudes would help convey what the contents of the story are. When we just see Bree and the kid it seems more like a young reader adventure story or something. It’s not a bad thing but I think trying to appeal to the subject matter of the story is important. So maybe a totally different concept would be better? I dunno…

    •  I’m also on board with the idea of putting more guys on the cover.  The name of your comic is “Polterguys.” This would lead a potential reader to assume hot guys are involved (at least that’s how I’d market it if I were you; hot guys sell).  However, what the reader sees one ghost and it’s the little kid in pajamas.  You’re sending a bit of a mixed message here. 

      I like the idea of a potential wrap around cover, where Bree is flanked by two of the guy ghosts on the front, and include the remaining three on the back.  Go with your two most appealing older guys for the front, and leave the kid for the back. A wraparound cover knocks out two birds with one stone, taking care of both your front art and back art.  You might want to explore making the guys semi-transparent or ghostly green to drive home the idea that this is a story about ghosts. 

      The bottom line is that this cover is supposed to sell your work, so put your most marketable assets up front: the guys.

  • Lockesy

    I like A because there’s a nice contrast between the static solidness of the character in the foreground and the more active, dynamic character in the background. B is nice too but it kind of makes the foreground look more dynamic as well, lessening the contrast…if this makes any sense? ^_^;

  • Kittara_jaganshi

    I like A and B best, but I also agree with Roxy; maybe adding a few of the other dudes might help convey the story line better?

  • Scottystudios

    I’m really loving the way Bree looks in B, but I also agree with the previous posts that I would really love to see the other guys on the cover, but maybe you can do a cover that overlaps to the back (like the covers for Dogs:bullets and carnage) :3

  • I gotta say, I’m going with C.

  • Out of these drafts, definitely B! It’s very dynamic and their poses look natural. version A looks nice, too, if a bit cramped. C is my least favorite because it’s lacking depth (both characters are on the same plane). That’s just my two cents of course.

  • theonlyoneilune


  • B seems the best so far. I like the interaction of C, but the composition is pretty center, so that makes it a bit dull. A has a potentially more interesting composition as far as placement and size relations go, but he’s really crammed in there kind of awkwardly. But B is fun – nice gestures and they have some breathing room around them.

  • Ymhbb


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