• i totally agree with this! i only bought one of those how to draw manga because it has tutorials for drawing hair but then i don’t really like their style so it didn’t really helped me. i tried experimenting on my own instead and read more manga with a style that i like so that i can have an idea at least on how to draw things.

    • Yey! They can be quite frustrating right?

      I think I’m aiming this blog at artists who know that the current knowledge out there is limited and kind of want some direction on where to go next. Creating manga can be a somewhat isolating experience and I hope the artists who read this find a kindred spirit in figuring things out. 🙂

  • A much more useful book is called “How NOT to Draw Manga” by Reid and Kantz. It’s hilarious and informative.

    I admit I collected quite a few of those How to Draw Manga books. However, they were never my primary teachers…. just books I used for helpful hints and tips. I have other books I use the same way, anatomy and basic perspective stuff. They make drawing easier, but they aren’t a replacement for the best teacher of all: real life. 🙂

  • i feel the exact same way… i think artists should try to get inspiration and tips from lots of different people and not just trust one boring “how-to” book that is narrow and limited in style.

  • gkldf

    hmm….all I have to say is, they’re somewhere to start, and cover so many areas or anything you need at the moment. If your already professional, or further along in drawing style, and don’t need to produce manga like pics then do use something else. You still need to draw from real life, books or not, to produce good manga, but real life won’t teach you how to draw manga, or make good manga. That’s where this comes in place.

    • perk

      real life drawing**

    • Absolutely good point! The same can be said of creating good work in general. Not everything can be learned from just any one book. I see how-to-draw manga books as the only resource young artists turn to sometimes. Thank you for the comment!

  • Eiji-san

    I also dislike the style in these particular books, they only do so much for you…
    But however I was just in Tokyo / Sekaido shop in Shinjuku, and found some really cool and helpful books for drawing manga. Don’t forget to check it out(Sekaido) if ever in Tokyo, it’s a must! ;D

    • Thanks for the tip and the comment, Eiji-san!

  • John

    I can totally agree. They are not very specific and not that helpful for beginners. And again, almost everyone has an internet connection, instead of throwing money on drawing manga books you can just google and get great tutorials with step by step process on drawing manga, FOR FREE 🙂 http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/ this is a tutorial that helped me draw my first manga, and I bet a detailed article like this doesn’t have any manga drawing book! Try it! 🙂

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