• I agree with all your points. You can never be too prepared for a Kickstarter campaign. Although don’t use lack of preparation as an excuse to wait forever. I ran a successful comic book campaign (http://www.madmanofmagic.com) and I actually did two campaigns.
    The first one failed miserably, but the when that one ended, I took 6 months to figure out what I did wrong, what others were doing, and I read articles like this one. If you get stuck there is a lot of Kickstarter veterans out there willing to help. I personally love to see other people get the opportunity to create their projects. Good luck to all of those in the midst of your Kickstarter campaign.
    -Jason Love

    • Thanks, Jason! And congratulations on your successful campaign as well. It’s not an easy feat at all. You have a lot to be proud of. 🙂 Best of luck with your future work, too.

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