• Only learning the thing related to the next tasks makes the process simpler.

    Do you have any other suggestions of bloggers who write about self publishing comics, manga, books, etc?

    • For self-publishing comics, I’ve read through both Lars Martinson and Jason Brubaker’s posts on the Remind blog (which he’s since migrated to MakingComics.com.) They’re both helpful and I’d listen to the MakingComics podcast as well – good, motivating and inspiring stuff.

      Looking through the web, I haven’t encountered much about self-publishing manga although the communities at SmackJeeves and MangaMagazine.net do talk about self-promotion and getting your work out there regularly.

      There are much more bloggers who talk about self-publishing. Since I only glance through their blog posts once in a while I don’t really have specific ones in mind. But I do enjoy TerribleMinds posts about it!

      • Thanks for the resources. I had been checking out Paper Wings, but it looks like makingcomics.com is different.

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