• Clara Reyes

    im entering in 2013 but i’ve been really intimidated. i’m working on 2 one shots and will decide which to enter(hopefully –“) one is a more comical feel while the other is loaded with personal feelings that i expirienced during my earlier childhood. i don’t know which to put….i hope i do work up the courage! thanks the interveiw was awesome i could relate to Scotty about disapointing my parents. it’s nice to know that people who hold the same dream as me have the same worries and arn’t totally perfect.

    • Hi Clara! Thanks for the comments. I’m not sure if there’s a rules against submitting both entries if you’re able to finish both in time for the next search’s deadline. You can always ask Abby at YP’s website. Be brave!

      And remember, it’s not about “winning” it, too. Sometimes, it’s about the baby steps like finishing a completed short comic – that leads you to bigger ones like finishing a webcomic or a book. Practice, practice and practice! Best of luck with your entries!

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