• I’ve been poking around your entire site and I really love your blog. It’s nice to see someone post their process!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the Webcomic plug-in for WordPress. Comicpress was a nightmare and I had given up looking for a decent comic engine for my site! 🙂

  • YaoWangChina (on deviant art)

    Oh, but actually, you can submit to companies not accepting unsolicited material. Basically, you must send in a cover letter to them asking if they would like to see your work, then send in samples. I’m not sure if it works for manga. I just went for yen press because I am not good at summarizing. (See Stan’s Lee’s How to Draw 
    Comics for more info)? 
    I’m just throwing this out so others might know.

    • Hi! Thanks for the tip. I’m trying self-publishing first because it seems to be a good way for me to learn and understand how to publish books. : ) I feel like it’s worth knowing about the challenges of producing, marketing and selling books to better understand why books become or fail to be successful.

  • EleeArt

    Can you still get your book sponsored by a company even after you self published though? Cause  im thinking about self publishing to but i would like to one day get it under a popular company and i didnt know if you can re publish your book under a company even after you did yourself.

    • Hi Elee, yes, you certainly can. Gina Biggs (Red String) had been self-publishing her comic when Dark Horse approached her to license it. When you self-publish your comic, you actually show a lot of initiative and drive and at least, in the comics world – that’s not considered a bad thing at all! 🙂 

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