• My spider sense is tingling about that reply of “none of those contacted were up to the magazine’s standards.” That sounds like corporate speak for “we didn’t want to actually pay these people.”  I know that sounds like sour grapes, but why would they go through the trouble of running the contest only not to accept the submissions?  That sounds tres fishy to me.

    As another artist who hasn’t “made it” but at least is sorta gaining traction with freelance work, I can say that self-publishing can help get you noticed.  If you beat the pavement hard and show anyone and everyone your work, you have no idea the possibilities that can open up for you.  You just have to network your face off.

    I think what helps is taking back control and not putting so much faith into one company or one employer.  If one company wants to cheap you out, screw ’em.

    • This gives me hope! I am definitely going to give this book my everything. I don’t have crazy high expectations but I do have some goals I want to meet.    

      Yen Press was pretty clear about it not being a contest but my impression is they are looking for something that fits their aesthetics and what’s out there is still not “ready” for them. I have a friend who’s already an established artist that met with them and they just couldn’t sort things out. They’re not taking everyone they can, they really are very picky. 

      Thanks, I appreciate all the stuff I’m learning from self-publishing and I think it’s really useful for artists to know how to market & promote themselves. It’s very difficult to stand out in the sea of hopefuls but with a constant presence, a story to tell and a plan, I hope all this effort leads to good things. 

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