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  • Jules Rivera

    ” I didn’t want to lose light and delicate lines that are quite characteristic in the genre either.”

    And that’s why I will probably never be able to draw a proper shoujo comic. I like my comics to have thicker lines and more spot blacks than than a traditional shoujo will allow.

    As far as pens, have you ever considered using Zebra brush pens or Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens? Theyre all I use on character inks (when I’m not going full digital) and I LOVE them. They give great line width variation with little effort.

    • I will definitely try them out now! Haha, I discovered fairly recently I may be allergic to my favorite G-tec pen I’ve come to love and I’m on the lookout for new tools to experiment with. 

      Yeah, I’m more on the CLAMP side of shojo I think. Their later work still has a lot of girly elements but also includes heavy spot blacks. Definitely some kind of hybrid. 

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