Polterguys Vol 1 Kickstarter is funded!

Polterguys’ Vol. 1′s Kickstarter Page

100% funded with two full weeks to go! Thanks so much for making this happen, guys. I really had no idea if this was going to work since I’m a nobody on the interwebs but somehow, through your generous shares and support, we managed to make it! Y’all are probably sick of me saying thank you over and over but I WILL KEEP SAYING IT – you guys are the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve added a stretch goal of $4,000 to unlock a bonus comic for the Polterguys Vol. 1 companion. There’s still lots of time to pledge if you haven’t had a chance yet. Check it out! 

Quick bits of News

  • The Six Seasons and a Movie art show was fantastic and I got to meet writers, actors and other awesome artists at the show.  Pics are available at my Facebook page if you’re interested. I’m so happy someone bought my framed piece and I apparently sold out of my print run, too. (Well, one is making its way to a home at the moment so YEY!)
  • My books have finally arrived from the printer. Lugged them all in boxes up to my apartment so I got a bit of exercise getting them in my home. I’m hoping they leave the apartment just as quickly! :D

Polterguys Vol. 1 mentions on the web lately:

Experiments in Manga gives it a quick shout-out. Thanks for the feature!
Yenny Coll does a nice write-up for Polterguys for ComicBooked.com It’s very much appreciated!

Will be at Anime Expo tomorrow at Artist Alley Table F17 with books on hand. Come say hi! I’d love to talk to you guys face-to-face!

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