Polterguys Vol 1 Kickstarter and Review

Kickstarter Video

Polterguys Vol. 1′s Kickstarter is live! Check out our book trailer and a short video featuring me (trying not to look nervous) above!

Polterguys CH4-24 to CH5-11 are up!

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Bree comes up with a plan to tackle the problem but is it going to be enough?

Oh man, guys. Just two more short weeks before this book wraps up. I’m nervous and excited how you’re going to take this conclusion.

Rest assured this site is not going to go dark as I scramble my way to create Volume 2. There may not be comics on a weekly basis but blog posts will hopefully continue to go up. The move to Michigan is definitely going to throw me for a loop though. Lots of planning to do this month.

Webcomic Review

Andy Goldman wrote up a sweet review of Polterguys so far here. (Yey! My first one!) Floored by the kind words he offers up for the comic. Make sure to check out his other posts as he shares more thoughts on other web and print comics on his blog!

Vol. 1 Kickstarter

I’ve finally launched Polterguys’ Vol. 1 kickstarter campaign  and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful and generous people that have pledged so far. Seriously, I’m absolutely stunned we’ve gotten so far in the first few days. There’s still quite a way to go but you know, I’m feeling pretty optimistic we could get more people to contribute.  $1 contributions are totally fine too! With enough people backing, that can go a long way! All your tweets, reblogs and shares are incredibly appreciated!

Quick mention of our Kickstarter over at ComicBookMovie. com. Among some other pretty great projects over there!

My brother is graduating today so I’ll be off the internet for the most part over the weekend to spend some much needed time with family. Coupled with some bad sleeping habits over the past week, I think I’ve needed this battery recharge for a while.

  • http://lithicbee.wordpress.com/ Andy

    I can’t believe I was your first review; this is such a good comic. I’m glad the Xeric people agree. :)

    • http://laurbits.com/ Laur

      Thanks so much, Andy! Very kind of you!

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