Kids Read Comics and ALA Chicago 2013


By the Lakeside in Chicago, Illinois

Whoah, it’s been a crazy few weeks. I’m still kind of recovering from the activities last month and slowly getting back to the usual routines. Both conventions I tabled at couldn’t be more different from each other: one was held at a library, the other at Chicago’s McCormick Place. But both gave me new opportunities I’ve never had before and I’ll always look at this year’s conventions fondly because of it.

Kids Read Comics

Kids Read Comics was held at the Downtown Ann Arbor Library on June 22 & 23. Even though both days I tabled were only half days, the con kept me on my toes so much I was exhausted by the end. I participated in both Comics Quickfire and Comics Quickdraw on Saturday and guys, I seriously don’t even remember the last time I drew publicly like that! I ended up with a mess of scribbles on the paper but thankfully, people didn’t seem to mind too much. It was nerve-wracking but the kids seemed to really enjoy it. I was happy to chat and doodle for a little bit with Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, John Green and Rafael Rosado. And then, later with Jonathan at the Robot Supply store for Quickdraw.

As for tabling itself, I’m fairly surprised Polterguys sounded interesting to younger readers. I was worried I’d be sitting there twiddling my thumbs for a few days but I think I’ve got some pretty open-minded parents to thank for the business I did make. One dad wanted the book because his daughter’s babysitter really got her into Ghost Whisperer. (Oh ok, in THAT case, Polterguys would totally work for her!) I also met a girl who actually read the Vol. 1 copy the AADL bought from me and that was amazing. :D

This also has got to be the first time I’ve been at a convention and felt so pampered! Lunch was served on both days and I even had staff volunteers watching my table while I attended the panels. I could get used to this kind of treatment! Thanks so much to Dan Mishkin, Jerzy Drozd and the entire staff at AADL for such a great show.


Faith Erin Hicks, ladies and gentlemen!

ALA Chicago 2013

On the completely opposite side of the convention spectrum was the Comic-con for Librarians that was ALA! N and I decided to forgo the expensive hotels and stayed at an apartment from AirBnB in Southside.  That meant commuting to McCormick was a bit of a pain but manageable for all 4 days.

But oh my god, were they SO WORTH IT. ALA Chicago was seriously the best convention I’ve ever tabled at. Not only was I invited to table at TCAF for the mere price of 2 books and an original piece of art, but BOY, did librarians and the folk they run around with love Polterguys! I sold so much books on Saturday I was running out of $1s and $5s and had to go bug Faith Hicks for change. I’m definitely signing-up for that square app the next time I table because WOW.

Another awesome thing about this weekend was getting to hang out with other comic artists after the exhibit closes. On Saturday, I got to eat dinner with Faith, Thien, Darren, Jason, Jerzy and Anne at the Eisner foundation dinner and on Sunday, some of us got to eat out again at Joy Yee in Chinatown. It was really fun listening to everyone talk about the industry, what stuff they were into and just swapping stories.

Shoutouts to the awesome people that helped make my Artist Alley experience fun and memorable: Tina Coleman, Kat Khan, Gene Yang, Anthony Del Col, Snow Wildsmith, Scott Robins, Mike Mindy P. (Train buddy!), Sean O’ Neill and everyone who came up to my table and just talked with me! Thanks so much for all the kind words, encouragement and support!

I really hope to see everyone at an ALA again very soon. Hopefully, with Polterguys Vol. 2 books with me this time!

“Thanks for writing about smart girls with clothes on.”
~parent of a happy reader


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