A Short Affair with a Tablet

Reading The Family Man webcomic on an ios Device Asus Tablet

Reading Dylan Meconis' Family Man on my former tablet

About a month ago my parents bought me a tablet (a long belated birthday gift) and I immediately bookmarked my favorite webcomics on it and loaded up my google reader feeds in anticipation of happily reading web material on my living room couch.

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Publishing Notes from Webcomic Artists

Covers for TJ and Amal (E.K. Weaver) and The Meek (Der-Shing Helmer)

A couple of quick links on publishing and self-publishing comics this week!

E.K. Weaver, the webcomic artist for The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, recently compiled her work into a beautiful printed graphic novel and answered a few questions about self-publishing on tumblr. She successfully raised funds for the project through Kickstarter and is currently shipping out Volume One to her readers.

Der-Shing Helmer, known for her work on The Meek, answered a few questions on Tumblr on her experience publishing a comic through a small press publisher, 4th Dimension Entertainment. 4DE also publishes Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name, Lackadaisy and The Phoenix Requiem.
EDIT: (She’s taken the post down, sorry! Original post is here. http://alexds1.tumblr.com/post/12725055029/publishing-comics-through-a-small-publisher)

Many thanks to these ladies for sharing their experience!

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to sound off below!


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