Resources: Perspective and Composition


These three topics seem to come up together so I’m lumping them in this post. These are some of the articles/blog posts and websites that I’ve found useful regarding these topics.


Perspective & Composition Tutorial by fox-orian Part 1 and Part 2
A good (and wonderfully designed) series on the basics.
Sashas Perspective Tutorial

Paul Felix Notes on Layout and Composition for Animation
Lately, I’ve been seeking inspiration and knowledge from the fields of storyboard artists and animators. This stuff is great!

Perspective Tool by Freddie Williams – My new favorite perspective tool! Incredibly easy to use and very versatile.
An alternative way to create perspective grids on Photoshop by e1n
Perspective Strikes back! A handy note on using perspective with sketches


Composition 101 and Composition 102 from the Temple of Seven Golden Camels
LilRivkah’s Panelling, Pacing and Layout in Comics and MangaCarson van Osten’s Disney Comic Artist’s Kit
Evan Richards cinematography blog – browse through shots of fantastic movies.
Top  10 Photography rules
Comic Panel Layout Tutorial by Maggock
Advanced Layouts: Paneling outside the Box
Primary & Secondary: A Tale of Two Focal Points
Staging a Scene: Flat (Funny) vs Depth (Drama)


Avoid them! Here are some in-depth posts with examples for different kinds in comic pages.
Art School 101 Tangents
Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents

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