Greetings from Michigan!

Our new home state!

It’s been a few weeks since we arrived in Ann Arbor, MI and I can’t believe we actually spent nearly a month on the road! We drove all the way from California passing by several states N and I have never been before. It’s humbling to travel such a distance and realize the slice of world we knew in California is just one tiny part of the country.

But that’s what travel does, right? It expands your world. I’ve mentioned this before in my Midwest trip posts. Travel removes you from a place of comfort, of familiarity and puts you back right on square one. This move was a fresh start for us again in many ways. In the process of taking inventory of our stuff, we donated and got rid of many things we no longer used. N and I also get chance to make new friends and meet even more creative people. As someone interested in the hybrid nature of inspiration and artistic influence, this can only be a good thing!

Boxes we shipped out

Polterguys Updates

I would apologies for slow updates on the project except I don’t regret taking the time off to recover from an intense two year artistic marathon. Ask anyone who’s committed themselves to creating a book from scratch and they’ll tell you, it takes a lot out of them. And I’m only one person doing all the work!

My utmost respect goes to ongoing webcomic artists who produce art on such a consistent basis. I’m afraid my own erratic schedule and responsibilities make this impossible for me to create work in a similar way. I’ve tried it before and the results show I get wildly inconsistent when I stretch work over long periods of time. For now, there is the matter of waiting very patiently until more Polterguys pages can be made. I’m grateful if you, dear reader, stay with me until then.

I should be contacting Kickstarter backers who have not responded back to me very soon as well as get back to the weekly blogging schedule. I think I’ll start out with just Saturday blog posts until I get more traction with Polterguys work. I started a new job in town and I definitely need to find more hours to work on Volume 2.

I can’t believe it’s October already! I’m experiencing my first Fall in the Midwest and it’s quite breathtaking. ‘Til next time!

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