Story by
Kay Uy Art by Laur Uy
Completed May 2005

Witch and Wiz was my personal project entry for Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga in 2005 even though I never actually got around to submitting it. It also doubled as my semester project for Art 61 Book Illustration class at Chabot College.

At Anime Expo ’05, I showed my portfolio with this printed comic to two of Tokyopop’s RSOM editors, and they pointed out places where I could improve. Their feedback was valid and I appreciated that opportunity to speak with them then.

Alfred from the Bay Area Artists United also invited me to participate in BAAU Down 6 & 7 so it was nice to see this work in print.

Finally, this comic was also invited to be part of and can still be read there. Click to read Witch and Wiz on

Overall, I’m still glad with the way it turned out. I’m pretty proud of it. Kay and I loved the characters and hope we can do more stories with them in the future.

Pleasantly cute and charming. -Edvin

Short, but of the best. *thumbs up* -Guzu

Images are Copyright © Laurianne Uy unless otherwise noted