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Hi! My name is Laur and  I’m the artist/writer for Polterguys.

About Polterguys

Polterguys  is a series of books telling the story of a nerdy college girl befriending a bunch of ghost guys and solving their unfinished businesses. It is inspired by a love of awesome 90’s movies, reverse-harem shojo manga and strong female characters on TV dramas.

I came up with the idea way back in 2007 and have been tinkering with details for about three years. In 2011, I collaborated with my writing partner Nathan and completed working drafts until we came up with the story you’ll be able to read now.  I was planning to pitch it to different publishers but realized I would benefit more from the experience of self-publishing it.

Polterguys Vol. 1 was serialized online for free from Feb. 18, 2012 through Jun. 29, 2012. It was awarded the prestigious Xeric Grant in Jun. 15, 2012 and debuted at Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


It’s hard to put into words just how much the following people have helped and continue to help me as I work on this project. Beta readers, editors, tireless cheerleaders, graphic designers and consultants. I’m only able to go as far as I can thanks to their support.  In alphabetical order:

Adrian Suva
Afton Palmer
Aja Moore
Ben Juwono
Bernice Tiu
Christy Lijewski
Crystal Jayme
Dan Morris
Jorge Santiago Jr.
Katherine Buffington
Laura Uy
Louise Kay Uy
Patrick Hart
Sammi Guidera

In memory of a family friend, Mr. Kunio Hiro. Thank you for indulging the request of a young girl and transporting manga in your luggage from Japan to the Philippines.

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